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10 Ways to Stay Healthier this Christmas🎅

We all know Christmas can be a time to indulge, let loose and just enjoy ourselves,  but don’t let yourself overindulge this festive season. It will only make yourself feel worse for wear come January, when your back to work and feeling down enough. 

By all means, you can still enjoy all the festivities, we all love too. But try to get through the Christmas period without putting too much impact on your health, wellbeing and waistline. Here are our 8 simple steps to try and maintain and healthier and fresher Christmas.

1. Get moving.

At Christmas time, we love to sit round all day everyday watching the TV Christmas specials, but we suggest you limit this time. Get more active, take long walks through local parks, the crisp weather makes it feel festive and the fresh air will do you the world of good after all that food and drink. If you dont fancy going out-doors, why not try some festive in door family games, such as charades.

2. Watch what you drink. 

We know the score, work parties, catching up with friends, girls nights out, there is a lot of partying over the festive season. And with partying, comes drinking alcohol, which means the units can really add up. We do it ourselves, its all part of the fun. However we suggest keeping an eye on what you are drinking. There are 'healthier' options you can choose at the bar, we try to opt for gin and slim line tonic, or a low calorie prosecco, such as Petite Prosecco if we are staying at home.

3. Dont be a Christmas Pudding.

Our fridges are always stocked up over Christmas with breads, cheeses, meats, chocolates, cakes, you name it, we have everything and anything. However according to Cosmopolitan we can consume just under 5500 calories on Christmas day alone. This is nearly three times the recommended daily allowance for the average female and twice the recommended daily allowance for the average male. Not to mention the calories consumed the days leading up to the big day and the days after Christmas. Be aware of what you are intaking this season, try and opt for some healthier food choices, take a break when eating for your stomach to decide wether your full or not, instead of piling up your plate right away. The chances are, this way, you’ll realise you’ve had enough to eat and beat the bloat and sickly feeling.

4. Don’t stress

 Even though this period is a fun and jolly time, it can be a stressful time for many of us. There can be a lot of pressure on everyone to create the perfect Christmas. Remember that Christmas is just one day off the year, and its not worth stressing yourself out over. Just do what you can and just enjoy it, if your potatoes burn, who cares just laugh it off and have some fun! Stressing can only make yourself ill in the long run, which is never worth it!


5. Eat your veggies and fruit

By this, we dont mean a hand full of carrots on your Christmas dinner. A lot of us can get through the whole period without eating any fruit and just the vegetables on your roast dinner. But adding some more fruit and vegetables into your Christmas diet will leave you feeling refreshed and energetic after all that partying and overindulging. (And no, wine does not count as one of your 5 a day!)

6. Are you even hungry?

Sometimes we just eat for the sake of it, because you know what? Its Christmas! Its the perfect excuse all day, everyday, however we should check with ourselves first and ask, are you even hungry? Are you just eating this because it is there and in front of you? Question before you indulge!

7. Use your Brain.

Dont just become a couch potato this season. Keep your mind active, get playing games, quizzes, brain teasers, things that will keep you thinking.

8. Use our Foot Pads

Our foot pads are the perfect accessory this Christmas season.The ultimate foot pads are made up of natural ingredients to drain the body of impurities whilst you sleep. With a fresh scent of green tea and bamboo extract, they will leave your feet feeling clean and soft. Pop the pads onto your feet whilst you sleep, after all the partying, they will work whilst you sleep, you'll wake up noticing those Christmas impurities drawn out are left on the pads.


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