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6 ways to wake yourself up every morning.

We know the struggle; Monday morning arrives before you know it and the battle to wake up is becomes one of life’s hardest tasks. You have a set time to get up, get ready and get out of the door to be on time for work. So how do we wake ourselves up to get motivated for the day ahead? Here are 6 simple ways to wake yourself up every morning.

  1. Put your alarm across the room from you so you have to get up to turn it off.
Once you’re up, you’re up then. Leaving the alarm next to your bed will leave you tempted to press snooze for as long as you can.
  1. Splash your face with cold water.
The coldness will refresh your face and wake you up.
  1. Turn on the lights.
Nothing wakes us up than bright lights. If its sunny outside open your curtains soon as you rise. If its dull, turn on your big light right away.
  1. Establish a bedtime routine.
Try to stick to the same routine each night so that it ends up becoming a habit. This can be simple things such as turning off the tv and your phone by a certain time, getting your clothes ready for work, making your lunch for the next day and then reading 4 pages of your book before you close off for the night. 
  1. Drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up.
Set a glass of water out next to your bed before you go to sleep or wake up and fill a cup up with water as soon as you get out of bed. This helps give you energy while getting your body hydrated which is needed the first thing of a morning. The colder the better we think.
  1. Use some Wake Up Wipes.
These amazing wipes combine a powerful cucumber extract and caffeine. Together, the wipes when used on your face can help to make you look and feel wide awake. Get fresh and ready to face the day ahead within seconds.
Wake up wipes are perfect to help anyone who suffers from:
* Tired eyes and dark circles. 
* struggling to feel and look awake of a morning and throughout the day. 
* Puffiness around your eyes or your face. 
* Red or blotchy face, especially when tired. 
To use just simply:
Massage and sweep the wipe around your face, under and around the eyes in a circular motion then watch as your face wakes up right in front of you. 


Our Wake-Up Wipes are currently on offer for £1 a pack or 20 packs for just £15. Super savings and so beneficial. Get yours now here.

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