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Absolutely FREE Blackhead Extraction Paste

As many of you know, we recently gave away up to 4 Blackhead Extraction Pastes absolutely free, just pay delivery. This offer sent Misfits Cosmetics into a whirlwind, we were overwhelmed with the amount of orders we received. We would like to say Thank You to everyone.

Here are some behind the scenes clips from our video featuring our very own Nathan (Ball) Briddo.




Unfortunately, due to the offer our Blackhead Extraction Pastes have now sold out. We do hope to get more in stock soon, so we can help you remove nasty blackheads ASAP. In the mean time we can offer you Shine, natural teeth cleaning and whitening for just £5 and Wake Up Wipes 20 for just £15!

For those who managed to get the offer, we hope you are loving your free blackhead removal paste. We would love to hear your thoughts…

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