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Are toxins trapped in your body? Here’s how to find out…

Today life is much more fast paced than it used to be, therefore there are a lot of conveniences everywhere, from fast processed foods to electrical items such as microwaves and mobile phones, we have things within easy reach for us that can make life easier. However, this doesn’t mean we are healthy, as our lives speeds up, our bodies’ stay the same and we need to ensure they get plenty of balance and TLC.

This type of lifestyle can result in some toxic overloads within our bodies, which let’s face it, nobody wants. Toxins live in your cells, soft tissues and muscles, and although our kidneys and liver work wonders for our body to reduce toxins. Sometimes we need a bigger push to help get even more out, which can result in us feeling refreshed and clean.

So, what can we do to get rid of these toxins?

We will admit, it can be hard to avoid all the toxins that come with life, nevertheless you can still create a balanced health for yourself.

So, where do the toxins actually come from? They can come from many places including, the air, water, foods, drinking, smoking, household and personal care products, stress and emotions. Many factors can cause toxins in the body and here are some useful tips to help get rid of the toxins which our kidneys and livers cant:

  1. Water, water, water!

Drinking plenty of water is always the key to eliminate toxins. Pure filtered water helps to get rid of them via sweat, tears and urine.

Drink Water

  1. Say goodbye to sugar!

We all love a sweet treat now and again, but too many can be damaging for us. Cutting the amount of sugar down will help keep the toxins at bay and leave us feeling a lot more awake and alert.

sugar doughnuts

  1. Watch what you eat!

What we consume into our bodies on a daily basis is crucial. The healthier our food options the better, I know it can be hard to constantly stay on plan and eat amazing fresh and healthy meals daily but prepping your meals at the beginning of the week can help speed things up and help you watch what you’re eating. Whilst your cooking them yourself, this allows you the peace of mind to know exactly what is going into your meals.

healthy food

  1. Watch what you put into your house!

We obviously need to clean up our houses but beware of the chemical products you purchase to clean. There are a lot of organic remedies and natural alternatives you can use across the market, research old methods (that maybe your grandma used) they all work wonders.


  1. De-stress yourself!

We all feel some sort of stress every now and again and it is not possible to completely eliminate it from our lives, but we can learn to manage it. Exercise can really help to de-stress such as yoga, jogging or simply going the gym with your music and shutting out the world for an hour or so. Make sure you take time for yourselves, do something fun, try something new. It will help, and you will feel much more refreshed and revitalised.


  1. Detox Foot Pads

If you haven’t heard of our Detox Foot Pads, where have you been? Get ready to unwind, feel fresh and rejuvenated simply overnight. Working during your sleep, the foot pads naturally eliminate any extra toxins your body has via the soles of your feet.

detox foot pads

Check out what our customers think…

Please note, the Detox Foot Pads are not a medical device.


  • I have been using these for the past three nights and are going to use them till they are clear.
    Since using them I feel so much more refreshed, my skin feels soft and I have more energy in the day, feel wide awake more than I was before, this sounds strange but I feel my eyes are awake and open like they used to be

  • Do these work for sore joints in the feet

    Sally Bishop

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