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Cure your flight anxiety.

So, your summer holiday is creeping up and your fear of flying is becoming more and more apparent to you. We feel you, all’s we want is to be lying on the beach sipping strawberry daiquiris, but we got to get there first. No fear… We have some tips and hints to keep your anxiety at bay and let you have a safe and worry-free flight to your summer destination and back home again.

  • Arrive at the airport at least 3 hours before.

You may be thinking ‘why would I want to spend more time there than I have to?’ But, arriving at the airport at least 3 hours before will let you relax your way through, there is nothing worse than being rushed and in a hurry. Allowing yourself some time will mean you can check your bags in, breeze through security and have some spare time to shop at the Duty-Free grab a bite to eat and drink. 

  • Get something to occupy yourself for the journey

    When traveling, whether it be via train, plane or car, we always like to take something to occupy us to pass the time. This can be a good book, magazines, download a TV series before hand to binge on or simply some music on your phone that will keep you occupied. We can’t stand to clock watch, so taking our mind off things with a good book is our go to distraction.

    • Ditch the booze

      Many people believe that if they have a drink or 5 before and during their flight this will calm their nerves. Wrong! Drinking actually messes with your feelings and can give you a false sense of security. We advise sticking to water, tea or coffee and/or soft drinks.


      • Get Comfy

        Whilst traveling we always ensure we are as comfy as we can be. Who wants to be stiff and awkward for the duration of a long journey? Not us! We always recommend traveling in something ultra-comfortable, such as jogging bottoms. This will make it much easier if you want to nap too. We always pack a travel pillow with us, before you leave your house give your travel pillow a spray of the Total Relaxing Pillow Spray. This will help you to unwind and clam down your stress and anxiety allowing you to get a comfortable sleep on board.


        • Pamper yourself

         Our holiday pamper starts a few days before the big day, hair done, nails done, lashes done, we get the works. But, we still continue this whilst on board the plane. We always pack one of the Give Me Ultimate Hydrating Masks into our hand luggage and put it on half way in-between the flight. Aeroplanes can become very stuffy and can dry out our skin, using the Ultimate Hydrating Sheet Mask helps keep some moisture in your face and calms you down. After this we would then refresh ourselves with the Wake-Up Wipes, giving ourselves (and those sat around us) a light uplift with the strong cucumber scent from the wipes.


         Have you got a fear of flying? Any other tips to deal with it? Drop us a comment and let us know...

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