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How cutting down on sugar can improve your health.

We all love something sweet and sugary now and again and we will admit, Misfits HQ have a major sweet tooth which we have to fight an awful lot. There are many benefits to our health and skin if we cut down on the sugar eating, and some simple ways to tweak your sugar craving into something healthier. Here’s what we have found…

Cut the cravings, curb the diets.

Some people rely on sugar in their diet and as sugar is almost in everything, those of you who add sugar to things, such as tea, eat chocolate and sweets on a daily basis, please stop! These ‘treats’ are so easy to get hold off and are so much quicker to eat when peckish than rustle up a meal. However, they only keep us full for around half an hour, then the hunger hits again and we will be craving more sugar. It’s a vicious cycle. Cutting down on the sugar means we will have less cravings and a need for it, which means we will feel fuller for longer. Just stick to a healthier lifestyle and you won’t feel the need to ‘diet.’

  • If you are feeling hungry and craving sugar you might be actually needing water instead. Add a few slices of lemon or other fruit into your water to add some fruity flavours. YUM!



Sugar is the genuine enemy to our skin and particularly the face. Sugar inflames our skin, that’s why too much of it can cause break ours and leave our face looking sore and irritated. Sugar can also give us wrinkles (which no one wants right?) it breaks down the collagen in our face, which we want to keep looking forever young.

  • If you are craving sugar try some alternatives, such as freezing fresh berries, such as strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. These will taste like sweets when eaten from frozen and contain only natural sugars, YUM!

Whiter Teeth.

Sugar is the enemy to your teeth. There are properly 1000 posters around your dentist stating this, but it can’t be truer. Sugar makes your teeth weaker and leaves them open to decay and cavities. Cutting down on sugary drinks particularly helps your teeth, as they are full of acid which can dissolve the enamel.

  • We recommend cutting down on the fizzy drinks and getting your teeth lovely clean and white with our activated charcoal teeth shine. This helps your teeth appear whiter and instantly feel cleaner. We also like to drink with straws as often as we can (paper straws of course) to protect our teeth from any sugar.

All round a better YOU.

Once you have cut the majority of the sugar out your diet, you will soon feel an energy boost coming on. A lot of people turn to sugar for a boost whilst in the gym etc. But it really isn’t needed, just try eating some fruit which contain natural sugars or some cold water.

Are you a sugar lover? Drop us a comment below for any tips you have to cut it out your diet...

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