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How to find out your skin type.

We all know the feeling, when you’re sat in a makeup chair or a cosmetics store and the sales person asks, “What is your skin type?” the dreaded feeling of stupidity runs through you as you have zero idea what your skin type is at all.

Never Fear, we have a simple guide below to help you find out what skin type you have. This will make your life much easier when it comes to purchasing your beauty products. 

There are 4 common skin types:

  1. Dry
  2. Oily
  3. Normal
  4. Combination

How to find your skin type

First things first clear your face. You can’t figure out your skin type with makeup on. So, get removing anything that is on your face, we want your skin to be able to breath naturally. This way your results will be more reliable and not dependent on the time of day etc.

So once your skin is all fresh, take a look in a mirror and really inspect your skin. Examine for any difference, oily patches, pores, dull areas, dry patches anything that stands out. Jot down on a note pad anything you see.  Pay close attention to your T-zone (across forehead and down the nose) as this can be a very revealing place.

Signs of Dry Skin

  • Appears rough
  • Dull patches
  • Fine lines and cracks
  • Flakes a lot
  • Skin can feel tight

Signs of Oily Skin

  • shiny patches
  • prone to blemishes
  • leave oily patches on phone/clothing etc
  • skin appears greasy

Signs of Normal Skin

  • appears smooth
  • no dry patches
  • no oily patches
  • few imperfections
  • minimal blemishes

Signs of Combination Skin

  • Troublesome T-Zone
  • Dry and oily patches
  • Blackheads and pores in specifics areas, i.e. nose, chin.
  • Prone to blemishes

Wake Up Wipes are really good for Oily skin types, as the actual wipes are not very moist, therefore will not add oil and moisture to your face. They will also leave you feeling refreshed and awake for the day ahead. 

The Give Me cosmetics Hydrating Sheet Mask is perfect for those with dry, normal and combination skin. They really hydrate your face, leaving you feeling soft and fresh. 

Knowing your skin type is vital when it comes to skincare and beauty products. Misfit Cosmetics products are safe for all skin types, but we always recommend conducting a small skin test before trying out any of our face products, simply add a small patch of the product onto your inner elbow or behind your ear, leave for 30-60 minutes and wash off.

Have you figured out what your skin type is? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

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  • Can you wake up wipes on dry skin?

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