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Mushrooms Are The Fungi’s Of The Skincare Party

There’s always a skincare fad that’s going viral, whether it be a face mask or a new ingredient that is taking cosmetics by storm, on this occasion it so happens to be an ingredient, and the latest must have ingredient found within skincare products is one you won’t expect.

Mushrooms are something you’d associate more with the kitchen than skincare, traditionally they’re roasted, fried or even sautéed as opposed to being directly involved with your skincare routine. However, it’s the new wonder ingredient being lauded by some of the beauty industries leading figures as the next big thing.

But what exactly are the benefits of mushrooms and why are they considered so good for your skin? 


After being used for over 7,000 years, mushrooms are defiantly tried and tested. They help to reduce visible redness on the skin as well as calm sensitive and reduce irritation. Mushrooms can be infused into serums and creams to provide anti-inflammatory care to the skin and also leave your skin feeling refreshed and hydrated after use. But how can a mushroom hydrate your skin? Well the bodies internal moisturizer ‘Hyaluronic Acid’ helps to firm and plump your skin and similarly mushrooms contain polysaccharide which is equally as beneficial in hydrating the skin and providing a plumping effect, leaving your skin soft and supple. High in Vitamin D, Mushrooms contribute to revitalising skin cells, helping to repair the skin and provide it with a tougher and stronger resistance to damage. Extracts of mushrooms also help to treat acne and other skin conditions that tend to be caused by inflammation.

5 Mushrooms That Help Improve Your Skin:

  1. Black TruffleHelping to nourish and brighten the skin, as well as stimulate cell regeneration and restore collagen to the skin. The Black Truffle Mushroom may be a luxury when it comes to dining, and the same can be said when it’s used in skincare. Treat your skin to a little bit of luxury.

  2. Turkey Tail MushroomsThe ultimate Mushroom to help build your immune system, often infused with Chinese Herbal tea, it has recently been approved for use in cancer treatment.

  3. Chaga MushroomsIncreasing oxygen and blood flow, the Chaga Mushroom also helps to combat the ‘killer’ cells. It can be used as part of a serum that helps relieve stressed skin and combat inflammation, helping to absorb unwanted toxins and boost the skins immunity.

  4. Reishi MushroomThe Reishi Mushroom is known for its vitality, longevity, wellness and anti-viral properties, making it an excellent ingredient for any skincare product. Bursting with Vitamin B, antioxidant protectors and amino acids, it really is an all-round Mushroom that’s uses seem endless.

  5. Cordyceps Sinensis MushroomThe stem cells found within this Mushroom are packed with antioxidant properties which help to fight against damage skin and rebuild the cells.

So, Mushrooms possess plenty of therapeutic and skin friendly properties that all help in skincare and provide you with a new natural ingredient to love. No wonder they’re all the craze in the beauty industry, there won’t be mushroom for error though as fads do come and go, but industry experts will be hoping mushroom infused skincare is here to stay, not only is it natural, but it’s proven to actually work!

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