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Signs That it is Time for a Detox

The colder months are slowly moving upon us, and as the leaves start falling we can often feel run down, sluggish and not ourselves. When feeling like this, it is hard to function and can leave us feeling frustrated and irritable. 

The first instinct for us in this situation is to go to the doctor, however, when we are  told nothing is wrong we are left wondering, what is it that is making me feel this way? One of the reasons may be that you are simply taking in too many toxins, and there are many signs to look out for.

First of all, lack of energy.

Lack of energy can be narrowed down to many reasons, however, if you are feeling slow and lethargic even after a good nights sleep, it could be a sign that too many toxins are being put into your body. 

Headaches and body aches.

Aches and pains are a common symptom of taking in too many toxins and can usually be accumulated by eating the wrong types of food, bring drinking, or lack of exercise.

Acne and skin reactions.

Have you been breaking out more than usual or has your skin started to become more sensitive? This can usually be narrowed down to diet, dehydration, and using the wrong products on our skin, all of which can react to release toxins into your body.


When we are constipated, all the toxins in our intestines will be building up without being released. In result, it can cause many other symptoms of toxin accumulation, making you feel even worse. 

Unexpected weight gain/plateau in weight loss.

If you are eating less calories than usual but are still experiencing weight gain, it could be down to the types of food or amount of sodium being digested, ultimately creating a toxin build up in the body. 

Does this sound like something you are experiencing?

Our Ultimate Detox Foot Pads are a great quick fix for releasing all those excess toxins that you have built up. Containing only natural ingredients and working whilst you sleep, they leave you waking up in the morning feel fresh and rejuvenated, even on those cold September mornings when the last thing you want to do is get out of bed. 

What do our customers think?

Incredible results!

Please note, the Ultimate Foot Detox Pads are not a medical device.

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  • Are these safe for breastfeeding mums ?

    Angela Tocchini

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