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Sunshine and Teeth Shine

 Okay so maybe the UK isn’t the best place to live if you want a super-hot summer every year… But we do have amazing news for you. Those tiny 3 days in April wasn’t the only bit of sun we will be seeing this year. According to various weather forecasts the UK are now showing signs of another spell of warm weather during the beginning of May 2018. Beauty from the East is coming (Woo.) This hot weather could see temperatures exceed over 21C, beer gardens be prepared, friends assemble!

Good news, right? This means we got some time to get our teeth shining ready for the sunshine. Our Shine Teeth Whitening Powder is a natural whitening solution designed to leave your teeth feeling clean and shiny in a matter of minutes. 

Benefits of SHINE: 

* Super fine Activated Charcoal powder SCRUBS your teeth clean. 

* Non-Sensitive Teeth Whitening

* Naturally whitens teeth by scrubbing away stains. 

* Helps to prevent bacteria growth in the mouth. 

* Leave your teeth feeling as clean as after a scale and polish at the dentist. 

Directions for use: Place your toothbrush into the Shine Powder tub, make sure the head is fully coated. Brush for 2 minutes, swill and rinse your mouth after use. For best results brush teeth with regular toothpaste as normal after use. 

You can use shine as often as you like, so get scrubbing in time for the sunshine.

Smiles at the ready!



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