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The Ultimate Foot Detox Pads

Regular price £5.00 £5.00

The ultimate foot detox pads are a natural detoxifying treatment to help get rid of the grime and filth that your feet collect during your busy day and naturally detoxify your body. 

1 Pack = 2 pads (£2.50 per pad)

2 Pack = 4 pads (£2.00 per pad)

4 Pack = 8 pads (£1.25 per pad)

With a fresh scent of green tea and bamboo extract, the ultimate foot detox pads leave your feet feeling clean and soft.
Working whilst you sleep, you'll wake up noticing the toxins drawn out are left on the pads.

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  • Make sure your feet are clean and dry before use
  • Avoid putting moisturiser on your feet before use
  • Remove the larger piece from the adhesive sheet and discard
  • Place the foot detox pads onto the centre of the sole of your foot
  • Leave on for 8-12 hours for full absorption
  • Remove the natural foot detox pads which should now be dark in colour
  • Discard foot detox pads
  • Use daily until pads are clear after use and then once per week thereafter


Bamboo, Vinegar Powder, Green Tea Powder, Dextrin, Vegetable Fibre, Chitin, Toumaline, Vitamin C, Anoin Powder.

The Ultimate Foot Detox Pads is not a medical device.

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