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20 x Wake Up Wipes

Regular price £79.80

Discounted Multipack - only 50p each!

This multipack contains 20 packs of Wake Up Wipes. Each pack contains 25 soft face wipes... that's 500 wipes for only £10!!

NB - Unfortunately we cannot dispatch the 20 Wake up Wipes to countries outside of the UK and Europe. 

Wake Up Wipes contain powerful deep penetrating caffeine and cucumber that wake up your skin and face to stop you looking tired or sleepy. 

Perfect to help anyone who suffers from:

* Tired eyes and dark circles. 

* Morning face where you struggle to look away. 

* Puffiness around your eyes or your face. 

* Red or blotchy face, especially when tired. 

Combining hugely powerful cucumber extract and caffeine, these super gentle wipes when used on your face can help to make you look wide awake, fresh and ready to face the day. 

How to use: Massage and sweep your face, under and around the eyes in a circular motion then watch as your face wakes up in front of you. 

If using to remove makeup, use much the same as a wake up removal wipe, except you'll leave your face looking totally fresh and natural. 

Contains 25 gentle on skin soft wipes. Artificial fragrance free, naturally powered by cucumber.

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