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Spot / Blackhead Extraction Tool

Spot / Blackhead Extraction Tool

Regular price £4.00

Professional grade spot, blackhead and ingrowing hair extraction tool. 

Helps to easily get even the most stubborn under the skin spots, blackheads and trapped hairs out of your skin. 

Using the sharp claws to break the skin immediately over your spot, the stainless steel tool is then flipped to apply pressure directly to the area, and push out anything trapped underneath. 

Works perfectly on painful spots and hairs which get trapped under your skin where squeezing just makes things worse. 

The spikes or claws on this sleek metal tool are incredibly sharp and help to make a tiny incision above any problem area in which you can then push out any infected puss, greasy blackheads or coiled up ingrowing hair follicles. This tool works perfectively in tandem with our blackhead removal mask.

Just watch a video that we made using this on a friend below to see the results on some greasy blackheads. 



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