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Totally Relaxing - Pillow Spray

Totally Relaxing - Pillow Spray

Regular price £9.00

If you need help unwinding, suffer with stress or anxiety or just need a more comfortable nights sleep then this pillow spray is for you. 

Treat yourself to some well deserved total relaxation with this large 300ml bottle that will last for months on end. 

The gorgeous lavender scent will send you into a deep relaxing sleep.  Lavander is known to have a soothing effect, making falling asleep easier.

This is exactly what you need after a long, hard days work!

Why buy this pillow spray:

* The perfect remedy for anyone who struggles to switch off! 

* Great for people who just need to chill when they get home, and can be sprayed anywhere including the bedroom or living room to create a calm, relaxed and clean feeling home. 

* Makes an excellent gift for anyone who wants to enjoy some down time. 

* Leaves your whole room smelling spotlessly clean. 

* Long lasting fragrance. 


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