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Utterly Calming - Pillow Spray

Utterly Calming - Pillow Spray

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If your day is one big rush, and you want your bedroom to be a place of calm, this pillow spray is for you. 

The relaxing aroma of Chamomile & Mandarin is known for having a soothing effect on the nervous system, promoting a great nights sleep to keep you feeling as fresh as a daisy all day long.

The scent along with being calming is incredibly fresh, so will fill you whole bedroom / living room or wherever you spray it smelling spotlessly clean. 

Why buy this pillow spray:

* Incredibly clean smelling leaves any room smelling fresh and clean. 

* The Chamomile & Mandarin is perfect for those who want a calm atmosphere after a hectic day. 

* Imagine having friends round and watching as they enter each room you've sprayed. They'll be green with envy at how clean your living space smells. 

* A fab gift for any house proud person. 

* 300ml bottle can last months on end. 


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